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"Ten with Ken" is Ken Steele's almost-weekly roundup of emerging trends, bright ideas, and promising technologies for higher education marketing, administration, teaching and learning. 

Mar 25, 2017

In this special double-episode, Ken shares hilarious highlights from last year’s April Fool’s Day around the world. If you’re curious, looking for laughs, or seeking inspiration for your own pranks this April, check out the collection!

Some colleges and universities put real energy into prank media releases, hoax...

Mar 18, 2017

Last episode, Ken's 10th annual "Year in Review" continued with a look at some of the bigger PR headaches afflicting North American colleges and universities, with a focus on cultural insensitivity and its consequences. (Think Mount St Mary's, Missouri, Yale, Ithaca, and Harvard.) Check out Part I: Budgets & Bunnies...

Mar 12, 2017

This week, we start our annual look at college and university PR challenges and controversies with politically incorrect remarks, budget crises, workplace bullying, racial tensions and presidential resignations, across North America. 2016 Higher Ed Headaches, part I: Budgets & Bunnies!

Bad luck, bad decisions, and even...