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"Ten with Ken" is Ken Steele's almost-weekly roundup of emerging trends, bright ideas, and promising technologies for higher education marketing, administration, teaching and learning. 

Jul 14, 2017


Ken Steele completes his review of 12 higher ed rebrands in the past 2 years that sparked a backlash from campus stakeholders and alumni.


In part 1, we looked at half a dozen new visual identities that caused outrage, either because they were too crazy creative or deadly dull.

But there...

Jul 7, 2017

Ken Steele starts reviewing the 12 higher ed rebrands of the past 2 years that caused outrage and opposition among faculty, students and alumni. Odds of a backlash are 10% overall, 20% at universities (4-year colleges), 0% at community colleges -- and 50% at arts institutes!

This week, 5 disastrous rebrands that pretty...